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ATTENTION: NEW Breathtaking 9 Stage Air-Purifier Cleans Smoke and Purifiers Your Homes Air!

Air Born Dust, Mites, Reduce Allergies and Smoke. "

One of the most advanced air purifiers on the market - the AirShield™ uses a 9 stage filtration process
(see below for a list of the technologies) and ionizes the air. You can automatically protect and
purify your entire homes air by purchasing a set of (3) AirShields™ at a significant discount.

FROM: Richard Mayer
Founder of Real Spirit USA, Inc.
The Creator of the AirShield™

Dear Friends,

My name is Richard Mayer, founder of Real Spirit USA, Inc. and creator of the AirShield™
and I personally guarantee the information on this page will change the way you look at your air, and provide you with the answer to improving you and your families health.

In 1993 it become clear to me that some of the health problems I was suffering (asthma, allergies, colds, sinus infections) were due to the quality of air I was breathing. And the quality of air that was being inhaled by my loved ones too.

"What is in that allergy shot anyways?" was a question I had to ask myself whenever I left the doctors office. It seemed to quite simply be draining the vitality out of me. But I had to get the shots, right? Or else I was continually vulnerable to frequent colds, flu, bronchitis, nasal infections, and pneumonia.

Having a background in electrical engineering, I thought who better than me to tackle the problem of air purification than someone with 25+ years experience. I began taking my health seriously, now was the time to eliminate my allergies, stuffy nose, dust, mold, pollen and dander problem for good.

I was disturbed to discover what really was in my air:

• In the next hour you'll breath in 50+ billion particles. Besides the obvious dust, you'll also be taking in formaldehyde, drywall and gypsum, carbon monoxide, new plastic and carpet "out-gassing", cleaning fluids like ammonia , fungicides, cigarette smoke venting from clothing, mold spores, etc. Many of these particulates are toxic.

• In the next month you'll breathe in over 1 pound of dust! And dust is primary dead biological matter, like skin and hair. In fact, most dust is dead skin from people and pets floating in the air you breathe!

Our lungs do a lot of work to filter out the bad stuff. Obviously as we age we need more help to keep our lungs functioning normally, and reduce their workload too.

Clearly, I knew I had to make a choice:

1) Do nothing, and keep breathing in 50 billion particles full of toxins into my lungs and my sinuses or..

2) Find a way to purify my air and significantly reduce / eliminate the toxins and particulates.

Obviously, I choose the second option. I pulled out all the stops, and figured if I solved this problem for myself, it would also help others. So I locked myself in my workshop and got to work inventing and developing the AirShield™.

"As a Health Conscious Inventor, I've Created a Solution to the Pollution Problem We Face Today."

The AirShield™ is a 9 stage, state of the art piece of air purification technology that took years to develop. It can trap air born pollutants like dust, odor and germs before they build up. In addition to purifying your air, the AirShield™ also helps to oxygenate and enrich your air - which will uplift your mood and sharpen your mental clarity.


Years ago, most air purifiers only had 2-3 purification technologies. Thanks to new advancements in the science of air purification, FINALLY a 9-Stage Air Purifier is available.

Air Shield™ 9-Stage’s Purification Technology


Automatic Air Quality Sensor


Activated Carbon Filter


Negative Ion Generator


UV Light Pathogen Cleanser


Washable Foam Pre-Filter


Photo-Catalyst Nano TiO² Filter


Electrostatic Precipitator


On-Demand Activated Oxygen


HEPA Air Filters

Click Here for Full Tech Specs on the
AirShield™ 9 Stage Purification Technology


It's very revealing to see that even the U.S. Government has started multiple organizations whos primary directive is air quality. For example, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Warns us....

THE EPA WARNS: "Indoor Air in 5x to 10x
Worse Than Outside Air!"

When you think about it, some the dust inside your home could be dead skin particles from 5 or even 10 years ago! That's disgusting to think about, but it is the reality.

Your home or office shares the same air as what's coming from "outside", only concentrated!

#1 - Air Pollution Fact 1 - A Global Killer

Don’t underestimate the negative effect of air pollution to the health of human being. It is reported that air pollution has a bad impact for more than 4 BILLION people in the world. Some people compare it with other global diseases like AIDS and malaria.


#2 - Air Pollution Fact 2 - Lung Cancer

Most metropolitian areas are considerd to have the highest pollutant levels. The risk of having luing cancer is 20 percent greater if you compare it to those in villages and other less polluted areas.


#3 - Air Pollution Fact 3 - Children Are Innocent Victims

The most susceptible person who gets affected by the air pollution is children and the elderly. More than 40 percent of global diseases affect children even though children only occupy 10 percent of global inhabitants in the world. The bad environment increases the death toll of children under 5, and elders over 60.

#4 - Air Pollution Fact 4 - Kids and Freeways

Even though the people living in US only makes up five percent from the total population in the world. They consume 25 percent of world resource and generate 3 percent of world garbage. Kids living near freeways are reported to developed autism twice higher compared to the kids living far away from the freeways. This is the report conducted in 2010.

It's hard to get away from all the dust, pollen, air born pollutants and air born dangers these days. In fact, nearly every surface of your home or office is covered in a microscopic pile of contaminants.

The Air Is More Toxic Today Than It's EVER Been Before

Now a days, in 2014, exotic toxic chemical exist that were never around when we were younger. In fact, over the last 25 years our air has become significantly more polluted:

• Our indoor air between 75x-100x more polluted than it was back in the 1920's
• In the United States, Americans now spend more than 90% of their time indoors - as opposed to only 67% in 1922!

Small dust and pollen particles can pile up for years, in hard to reach corners, behind and under furniture and appliances. Our kitchen, where we most often prepare and serve food, has many of this "dead air" zones in places like under the refrigerator, under the stove and in the back of cabinets.

Dust builds up in your home by traveling through unfiltered air!


Testimonials for the AirShield™ Air Purifier


"Allergy Relief"
"In this day and age an air purifier is as much a necessity as any other house hold cleaning supply. Finally this I've found something that is giving me allergy and relief... Its hard to imagine my air the way it used to be, no wonder we were coughing and sneezing with puffy eyes all the time. The AirShield™ is silent, and gives me peace of mind knowing its doing work to purify my air even while I sleep."

- Wolfgang O. Reich, WA

•  •  •

"Silent, Purifying Breeze"
"...makes a gentle sound, like a quite purifying breeze thats always blowing through the house. I love this unit, and am calling to buy another unit for my office."
- Jack Owens, NYC

•  •  •

"Helps Me to Stay Focused"
"Just wanted to let you guys know how happy I am with the AirShield™. I keep it in my office, as I work from home, it can get a little stuffy in there. You can definately smell the change in quality of the air. The "ions" I think give it that crisp smell. And the oxygen just calms me down, lets me stay focused longer. One of my favorite parts of having this machine is walking into the office the first thing in the morning, after it's been running all night. I open the door to the office where the AirShield™ is as and I swear to God its the best first breathes I take all day. Love this thing, well worth the money."
- Carrie Powers, Dallas

Order The AirShield™ And Enjoy The Benefits

  1. Get Relief from Pollen Allergies, Pet Allergies, and Dust Allergies with your High-Performance HEPA Filter.
    It removes dog dander, hair, dust, pollen, bacteria and other harmful airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. Tested 99.97% effective.

  2. Reduce Dust with the Washable Pre-Filter.
    By capturing hair and dust it also helps the HEPA filter last longer.

  3. Remove Odors from Pets and Cooking with the Activated Carbon Filter. It also removes chemical odors and gases, cigarette smoke, paint fumes, and toxic fumes.

  4. Protect your Immune System with Ultraviolet (UV) Light — Recommended by the Centers of Disease Control it breaks down the molecular structure of mold, bacteria, viruses and germs, rendering them harmless.

  5. Protect your Lungs with the Washable Electrostatic Collector Grid. It disables and collects harmful tobacco smoke, pollution, and other toxic airborne particles.

  6. Keep Harmful Microorganisms from Growing – with the Dual Photo Catalyst Nano-TiO2 Germicidal Sanitizer. It works on mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria and viruses.

  7. Sleep and Think Better – with the Anion Continuous Negative Ion Generator – Negative ions are naturally occurring molecules that pollution steals from Mother Nature. It can clear smoke, decrease carbon monoxide levels, and improve sleep while reducing fatigue.

  8. Maintain Your Clean Environment – via the Air Pollution Sensors. These sensors monitor indoor pollution levels and adjust system performance settings to maximize air-cleansing effectiveness.

  9. Keep It Clean – with help from the Diagnostic Sensors. They alert you when it’s time to wash or replace filters. It guarantees that your system is working at peak performance.

Breathtaking 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You will be satisfied with your AirShield™ Air Purifiers or you'll get a refund. If your not absolutely satisfied with the smell and quality of your air after turning-on your new purifiers, than send it back! If you don't like it for any reason send it back for a full refund within 30 days and you'll get your money back.

Even if you don't like the paper of the box it comes in, or the smell of fresh air offends you send it back - no questions asked!

The AirShield™ you can buy here is provided by Real Spirit USA, Inc. the official provider for the AirShield™. Because you're buying from the source, have peace of mind knowing:

It's VERY Affordable - Buying direct from our warehouse ensures your getting the BEST price - guaranteed. Feel free to look around, but don't forget to bookmark our page first, because we have the best prices.

SAVE MONEY on Replacement Filters - We suggest you change your filters every 6 months, but since you'll be buying direct from the source you are guaranteed the best prices PLUS enjoy Free Shipping on all Replacement Filters.

One AirShield™ covers over 764 Square Feet, thats more than DOUBLE (twice the power) of other air purifiers on the market.

Built to Last- the only moving part is the fan, rated at over 100,000 hours of uninterrupted continuous use.

5 Year Warranty on the motor, the only moving part.

Nows the time to fight back, and defend your home from the toxic pollution in your air. Breath easy knowing you're AirShield™ will make the air you breath better and healthier for you and your loved ones.

Protect Your Family From Unhealthy Smoke
Order Your AirShield™ Today!

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With Warm Regards,

Richard Mayer
Real Spirit USA, Inc.
CEO & Founder

P.S. Remember if you have any questions about your air purifier, or the quality of air in your area don't hesitate to call or order your AirShield™ today!

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