Advanced PureAir air purifiers feature up to 9-stage air purification technology that outperforms the Oreck ®, Ionic Breeze ®, Blueair ® and Sharp ® air purifiers and filters pollen, smoke, air pollutants, odors, bacteria, germs, mold, pet dander & more…

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Advanced PureAir Air Purifiers use advanced technologies that Oreck®, Ionic Breeze®, Blueair®, Sharp® and other air purifiers just can't match!  

Manufactured by Real Spirit USA, Inc.


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Real Spirit USA, Co-Founder & CEO, Richard Mayer, discusses the Amazing 9-Stage Air Shield Air Purifier.

New!     Advanced PureAir® Air Shield     New!
Features 9-Stage Purification with Air Pollution Sensor Technology

Limited Time Only!

Regularly  $479  - NOW!! $299 - Save $180! OR

Take Advantage of Either of This Even More Amazing Offer...


Buy Advanced PureAir Air Shield Featuring 9-stage Purification with Air Pollution Sensor Technology

Get Two Air Shield Air Purifiers for Just $549 & Save $409 Off Sug. Retail Price!  

We had dozens of calls & emails
asking us to offer this package!
And, since we believe in giving customers
what they want, we just couldn't say no!
Addl. units above 2, only $274.50 ea.


Order the Air Shield 9-Stage Air Purifier   Get 2 Advanced PureAir Air Shields for Just $549 & Save $409 Off Sug. Retail Price!   Get More Information on the Aid Shield 9-Stage Air Purifier   Order replacement supplies for this product.   View Cart


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