9-Stage Air Filtration & Purification process cleans so well even nature can't match it.


Get peace of mind by removing germs, dust, pet dander and otherallergens in your home or office. The AirShield is made by Advanced Pure Air, a recognized leader in home air purification. This purifier offers the latest in state-of-the-art performance and features, and its elegant and stylish design will fit in nicely into any indoor environment. No need to worry about noise. The AirShield is whisper-quiet.

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Air Born Dust, Mites, Reduce Allergies and Smoke."

Breathtaking 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You will be satisfied with your AirShield™ Air Purifiers or you'll get a refund. If your not absolutely satisfied with the smell and quality of your air after turning-on your new purifiers, than send it back! If you don't like it for any reason send it back for a full refund within 30 days and you'll get your money back. Even if you don't like the paper of the box it comes in, or the smell of fresh air offends you send it back - no questions asked! The AirShield™ you can buy here is provided by Real Spirit USA, Inc. the official provider for the AirShield™. Because you're buying from the source, have peace of mind knowing:

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  • It's VERY Affordable

    Buying direct from our warehouse ensures your getting the BEST price - guaranteed. Feel free to look around, but don't forget to bookmark our page first, because we have the best prices.

  • Save Money on Replacement Filters

    We suggest you change your filters every 6 months, but since you'll be buying direct from the source you are guaranteed the best prices PLUS enjoy Free Shipping on all Replacement Filters.

  • One AirShield™ Covers Over 764 Square Feet

    Thats more than DOUBLE (twice the power) of other air purifiers on the market.

  • Built To Last

    The only moving part is the fan, rated at over 100,000 hours of uninterrupted continuous use.

Our Customers Are Talking!

"I’ve suffered from asthma and a dust allergy most of my life and, over the years, I’ve tried dozens air purifiers but none of them helped until I bought one of your Advanced PureAir air purifiers. My sinuses and I thank you!"

"Your air purifier works almost too well. It’s so effective my wife made me turn it off during Thanksgiving dinner because no one could smell the turkey. Rest assured though, that’s the only time we turn it off."

“I love this air purifier.  It's worth its weight in gold. I have several allergies and was waking up with serious head-aches 5-6 days a week, and could never get rid of them.  I needed some help, THIS IS THE ANSWER. Thank you so much for the great machine at a great price, your kind customer service department and quick shipment. I think everyone should have at least one!"