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Destroy Viruses and Bacteria – Benefits of our UV system

Ultraviolet-C (UVC) is a proven, powerful, defensive system against viruses and bacteria. When the 254nm UVC is combined with Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) the effective sanitation is increased by over 20 times. At the time UVC meets a virus, it diffuses the protein coating, damaging the virus’s RNA thus destroying it. UVC at high concentrations, even with short exposure rates, can also destroy the virus’ capsid, its exterior protein shell. This is a “process in which nucleic acid within the virus particle plays a crucial role in the absorption of UVC radiation and in virus inactivation.”
Scientific reference source:
by C. David Lytle and Jose-Luis Sagripanti

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Written by: College of Science and Engineering

Newport Ultra™

Reviews & Testimonials

Great air purifier for pet hair and dander.

I'm sure its removing much much much more.

Can you believe the things we don't see that we are breathing in. This unit is used in a master studio suite which is about 800 sq feet with our 2 indoor cats. This is 4 months of use. The 1st filter collects large items such as pet hair and then filters through 3 other filters along with a UV light at the end before the returned air. Cant say enough about this older unit. The only filter that needs to be replaced is the last 1 which is a charcoal filter. I change that one every 6 months. Everything else is hand washable and I sterilize with a disinfectant. All our other rooms I have purchased the Miko Air Purifier which works on rooms of up to 400 square feet.
- Sashimikid (A Real Customer Review)

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Works great.

Hands down the best bang for your buck.

 Don't take my word for it though (do your own research). The filters are cheap too. The company who makes this must be an honest company, because i've never seen such a cheap high quality 6 month HEPA filter. It traps the Ozone within the system (mostly) so its safer for those with lung issues (verify the exact details if you do have lung issues though).
- Ryan S. (A Real Customer Review)

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There aren't enough stars to truly rate this unit.

I have COPD plus we have 5....yes 5 cats!

 I have been quite miserable. Upon hooking this unit up I have been awesome. Not enough words to express my gratitude with the Advance Air. The company even called to follow up on the sale and offer their direct phone number if we had any questions. Top notch company.
- Wesley (A Real Customer Review)

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How the Newport Ultra™ compares to other top brands

In addition to HEPA filtration, the Newport Ultra™ also offers UVC Sterilizing light. At 254 nanometers, UVC light is a powerful sanitation method that is used to destroy airborne pathogens, bacteria, and viruses. This works by nullifying the outer protein layer and damaging the virus's RNA effectively destroying it.

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"We love it. There is a noticeable difference in a room after a couple hours - especially with stale air in a bedroom or cooking odors. We love how it senses the odors and kicks on automatically."
-- Robert B.

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Ultraviolet Light

Short-wave (UV-C light) inactivates airborne pathogens like mold, bacteria and viruses.

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Activated Oxygen

Activated oxygen kills microorganisms
effectively, and is an ideal aerial disinfectant.

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MERV 13 rated. 99.97% effective in capturing harmful particles as small as 0.3 microns.

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Newport Ultra™ & Mini UV
Newport Ultra™ & Mini UV

Newport Ultra™ & Mini UV
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Newport Ultra™ & 2 Mini UV

Newport Ultra™ & 2 Mini UV
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2 Newport Ultra™ & 2 Mini UV
2 Newport Ultra™ & 2 Mini UV

2 Newport Ultra™ & 2 Mini UV
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