About Us

Advanced Pure Air® , is a subsidiary of the innovative products group REAL SPIRIT USA, Inc. Advanced Pure Air® (APA) started in the early 2000’s and are committed to develop, distribute, and support the world’s finest and most affordable portable air filtration and purification systems available. Our cutting-edge units are specifically designed for use no matter where you are, whether in your home, kitchen, office area, etc.

The company’s current focus under the brand names Advanced Pure Air®, Alkaline Water Ionizers, H20 Machine, and Aqua-Ionizer Pro®, is the production and distribution of:

Air Purification Filtration Systems

Affordable multi-stage portable air filtration and purification systems, including our best-selling Air Shield® 9-Stage Purifier.

Alkaline Water Ionization Systems

Low-cost water ionization products from our Aqua-Ionizer Pro® & Alkaline Water Ionizers divisions tailored in producing antioxidants and alkaline water.

Atmospheric Water Generation

Creating water from air using advanced filtration and proprietary de-humidification systems. Make your own water.

Real Spirit USA is committed to staying at the forefront of advanced air purification and filtration technologies. Please visit our websites often for information on new products and, if we’re not there already, look for us soon in your local retail stores as we continue to expand our sales nationally and internationally.

Advanced Pure Air's® 9-stage air filtration and purification technologies suppress dust, pollen, pet dander, pet odors, cooking odors, tobacco smoke, toxic gases, odors and most other household air pollutants. More importantly they are great allies in the fight against micro-biologicals including viruses, bacteria’s, germs, molds, mildews and other airborne biological threats commonly reported in today’s headlines. Once the air in an Advanced Pure Air® unit has been filtered, it is purified with our potent UVC Light. and TiO2 combination technologies that throw a deadly knockout punch to most micro-organisms that can cause many of today’s health problems. This translates into you and your family living in a happier, healthier and more enjoyable environment.
APA and technology partners have spent decades designing, testing, and perfecting the world's best affordable air purification systems. The results of all that research and work is a series of highly effective, affordable, and easy to use home, office, and vehicle air purifiers that each utilizes the perfect combination of our 9 purification technologies. 

Meet the Founders

Richard Mayer
Prior to founding Real Spirit USA, Richard was President of Currie Technologies, Inc. (CTI), a transportation business selling electric bikes and scooters. Richard is the inventor of the electric scooter and bicycle drive systems used by CTI, also holding numerous patents in this field.

Prior to joining Currie, Richard taught college at UCLA, CAL State – Northridge, and taught secondary school classes at Van Nuys High School. The subjects he taught ranged from automotive technology to photography and aerospace technology. Richard taught for 17 years in the LA Unified School District. Mr. Mayer is a graduate of Cal State Los Angeles and holds California teaching credentials in automotive, aerospace technology and photography. During his teaching years, Mr. Mayer was also the owner of, Electric Car Co. of America, and built over 50 custom electric cars including several for Hollywood stars including Ed Begley Jr., Alan Alda, Alexandra Paul, Fran Tarkington, Jay Leno and more.

Dr. Malcom Currie
Dr. Currie has previously served as the CEO of Currie Technologies Inc., an electric transportation company since 1997. He is perhaps best known as the former Chairman and CEO of Hughes Aircraft Company from 1988 to 1992. Also serving as a former United States, Undersecretary of Defense for Research and Engineering from 1972 to 1977. Upon his retirement from Hughes in 1992 the company, in honor of his years of dedicated service named him Chairman Emeritus.

Dr. Currie currently serves on Boards of Directors of several publicly traded companies and is also a member and past chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Southern California. Dr. Currie has previously served as President and CEO of Delco Electronics Corp., Chairman and CEO of GM Hughes Electronics Corp. Dr. Currie holds a BA in Physics and a PhD in Engineering Physics from University of California, Berkeley.