The Advanced PureAir Story... Advanced PureAir™, is a subsidiary of the innovative products group REAL SPIRIT USA, Inc. We are developers and distributors of the finest and most affordable portable air filtration and purification systems available. Our cutting edge units are specifically designed for use in your home, kitchen, office area, automobile, RV, truck, motor home or whatever you travel in.

First and foremost, Advanced PureAir™ units are NOT just simple air filters. They are integrated, state-of–the-art air filtration and purification systems. Instead of relying on single, limited filtration technology, Advanced PureAir™ Air Purifiers feature as many as nine separate air filtration and purification technologies in each beautifully designed unit. (For a complete explanation of these technologies, click here to view the "Technologies" section of our website.) Most of our competitors are still using antiquated one or two technology designs.

OTHER AIR PURIFIERS...  Most units sold by other companies commonly have only one or two-stage filters. These remove some dust and pollens, certain odors, a few common household pollutants and airborne germs. BUT... they are ONLY filters; they DO NOT kill microorganisms or actually purify the air. That's why Advanced PureAir’s™ technologically advanced, multi-stage air purification systems stand alone in the air purification business, and have made most other filtration units obsolete. 

ADVANCED PUREAIR™ AIR PURIFIERS... The simple truth is this: Advanced PureAir's™ nine stage air filtration and purification technologies suppress dust, pollen, pet dander, pet odors, cooking odors, tobacco smoke, toxic gases, odors and most other household air pollutants. More importantly they are great allies in the fight against micro-biologicals including viruses, bacteria’s, germs, molds, mildews and other airborne biological threats commonly reported in today’s headlines. Our Anion’ Ion generators coupled with foam pre-filters, HEPA and Activated Carbon filters combined remove 99.7% of dust, soot, pollen, pet dander, larger micro-biologicals as well as most chemical fumes and odors. Once the air in an Advanced PureAir™ unit has been filtered, it is purified with our potent UV light and TiO2 combination technologies that throw a deadly knockout punch to most micro-organisms that can cause many of today’s health problems. This translates into you and you family living in a happier, healthier and more enjoyable environment.

HOW DO WE DO IT? Advanced PureAir™ and our technology partners have spent years designing, testing, and perfecting the world's best affordable air purification systems. The results of all that research and work is a series of highly effective, affordable, and easy to use home, office, and vehicle air purifiers that each utilizes the perfect combination of our nine purification technologies for its intended use.

WHAT"S IN IT FOR YOU? Live happy, be healthy and help rid your home, workplace, automobile, truck or RV of pollutants, odors, germs and other bad things that aren't good to breathe. For your and your family's health and well being, Advanced PureAir™ Air Purifiers will give you an "ultra" step up to a healthier lifestyle!

 At Advanced PureAir™, we have the PURE SOLUTION TO YOUR POLLUTION!

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